Sounding Out, Day 4: Impressing the tourists

The Browning Room was once again packed out – the band must feel like celebrities with the number of admiring visitors they’ve had this week. Julian and Cate from the Royal Academy of Music had dropped by to see how Hermione and Joe were getting on (fantastically well), Jim was continuing his observations for his evaluation work, MiP Chair of Trustees Sarah Price was listening intently, and a journalist was crammed into a corner.

Karen and I stood in the doorway enjoying the positive vibe of Eileen’s new song (written from her own experiences) with its message about moving on after spending time inside:

Don’t worry about the past

Look to the future

I did (I did, I did)

It was Karen’s first visit to the project and she was blown away. She was given a rapturous welcome from the band, who thanked her for raising the money to make the project possible with an enthusiastic round of applause. Eileen dubbed her ‘Good-News-Karen’.

MiP Chair Sarah Price was also greatly impressed, expressing to the band the joy that the inspirational music gave to a rainy Thursday afternoon.

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the music; as the band moved on to practicing Fudge’s song, two tourists wandered in and were transfixed. Maayah and Gal told me at the end of the song that they were visiting from Israel for only a week, so sadly will miss the big show – but they loved the tune. “The singer has an amazing voice,” Maayah added.

Eileen explained to me why she felt the band had such a great energy; “Even though we shouldn’t feel that we have something to prove as ex-prisoners, we can’t help feeling it – but as a result this negative feeling comes through as a positive for the performance; we’re all putting so much into it and the result is a positive performance.”

Tomorrow, the final day, will be dedicated to recording all six songs. As well as making a wonderful CD, this will be useful for the band in the time between the end of the project week and the performances; “once we’ve got the recordings we can practice at home!” Selwyn said.

The other big news for tomorrow is that the band will finally decide upon a name… all will soon be revealed!



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