Counting down to Bush Hall

In the run up to Platform 7’s exciting gig at Bush Hall next week we’ve been posting some short videos on our Youtube channel  featuring the band and our project team:

Filmed during rehearsals, Fudge and Valter from Platform 7 introduce the gig;

Here’s the band in action back in September 2012;

Gary talks about the band getting back together for rehearsals, and his favourite track of Platform 7’s up-coming set;

This is a slideshow of that very track mentioned by Gary – ‘Go To War’;

Sara and Charles from the Project Team discuss how the band members have developed through the Sounding Out programme;

Charles and Nick from the Project Team discuss Platform 7 collaborating with Police Dog Hogan;

Sharleen from Platform 7 talking about the collaboration;

Sara and Charles ponder the logistics of fitting everyone on stage at Bush Hall;

Projects Manager Hermione visits Bush Hall in preparation for the gig;

Charles has all the details for you, accompanied by Platform 7 track ‘System’;

To recap, the gig’s on 20th February 2014 at Bush Hall, London, and we’re excited. Tickets are £10 are available here.

See you there!


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