A Cup of Tea with… Inside Out’s Barry

Inside Out branch 1

In the exciting run up to their gig at Bush Hall on 25/01/18, we wanted to get to know the members of new Sounding Out band Inside Out a bit better, so we sat down with each of them for a nice cup tea…

Barry plays the drums, guitar and sings in Inside Out.

Inside Out_BarryITT: Hi Barry! How did you first meet the ITT? 

Barry: I first met the ITT in prison towards the end of my sentence, and carried on upon release. I loved it, they taught me singing, guitar, drums and piano. It has turned my life around and now I have music in my soul.

ITT: Who are your musical heroes? What about them inspires you? 

Barry: Elton John, John Legend & Ed Sheeran. All these guys have great voices, great musicians and amazing storytellers in their music. I love my lyrics to tell a story.

ITT: How important is music in your life?

Barry: Music is life. It feeds the soul and brings me so much joy and happiness.

ITT: What’s your favourite Inside Out song and why?

Barry: “Let the Music Play!”- Because I wrote it as a 17 year old boy and people can relate to it. It’s upbeat, happy and very catchy.

ITT: What are you looking forward to about the Bush Hall gig?

Barry: Meeting the band and the Irene Taylor Trust team and telling my life stories to more people.

ITT: What are your hopes for the future?

Barry: Playing as a band, enjoying what I do and entertaining as many people as possible.

ITT: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Barry: “Enjoy your schools days, they’re the best days of your life”, and “Youth is wasted on the young!”

ITT: Any parting thoughts for the world?

Barry: Love life, love music, love each other. Always follow your dreams and remember that anything is possible!

Don’t miss Inside Out play at Bush Hall on 25/01/18! The evening will feature a special collaboration between the band and the Phaedra Ensemble, as well as support from the brilliant The Fish Police

Inside Out at Bush Hall_25.01.18_flyer


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